søndag den 25. november 2007

The Felting Void

Tomorrow. I. Will. Felt. The. Cat.

I hate those 1h 45m it takes for my washer to go through the shortest 60C wash. I keep staring through the window, only to find a pair of yellow eyes staring accusingly back at me, like saying: Had we not had a lot of fun together and now you are on the outside, and I am in here?

First, finding the yarn, and knitting all the bits and pieces, the careful stuffing and placing of parts, the loving and thorough binding off and securing of all loose ends, the final placement of eyes, that are the windows of the soul....the embroidery of nose, mouth and ears, to give smell, voice and sound to you. And then I place You with the dirtiest and smelliest towels and dishcloths and press start.

Disconcerting. To have someone stare at you, while they turn and shrink, and shrink and turn, in 60C water. How would I feel?
So. Tomorrow.
I guess I am not the only one not looking forward to this?
Well, then again, a cat has 9 lives, right?

PS I bought you a nice juicy brown mouse to play with, when you are dry!

Foto of the Nicky Epstein Book: Fabulous Felted Bags

2 kommentarer:

Mette H. sagde ...

Du godeste hvor jeg lige holdt vejret. Troede at der ved en fejl var kommet en rigtig kat i vaskemaskinen. Py-ha. Et af de ledeste maridt i verden. Heldigvis læste jeg videre.

Glæder mig til at se billeder af kræet.

Karen S sagde ...

Glæder mig til at se kattedyret! Forhåbentlig også i virkeligheden ;-)

Kh og tak for i går