onsdag den 2. januar 2008

2007 Status

I finished 60 projects in 2007. 36 in 2006. What should my goal be for 2008?
Asking me right now? 60
Wishful thinking? 100
At least? 2
So, I hereby commit to finishing .... a lot of projects in 2008. Including two new double knitted shawls - one for my mum, already moving along nicely, and one made to order, yarn bought, needles found, pattern ready. And socks, loads of socks.

I have also founded The NPKG - The Non Procrastinating Knitters Guild, with Charlotte! We will finish one Christmas present a month! Beginning now.

The title of Log Lady has been transfered to me officially for January. I will retire to this place:

In the sincere hope that Snow Will Fall! I will bring loads of yarn, books, warm underwear and music, and just wait for nature to do it´s worst. (And I am usually not disappointed!)
The Log Lady Title is appointed to a person actually physically having to administer firewood to heat generating contraption to keep warm, that being either stove, bonfire or fireplace. In my case also involving chainsaw and hydraulic cleaver. Excellent.

So, no news from me till february! No internet, no phone, and hardly any TV (takes a few days to defrost the remote in the winter).

Beckmanns Commandments: Do not leave Your home for a month without bringing knitting to last You at least two!

Queer Quandaries: How much more knitting can You do in one month, if You don´t have access to Ravelry?

2 kommentarer:

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte sagde ...

Glæder mig til vi ses i dit lille vinter palads i 2.weekende af januar.
Og så er jeg bare så spændt på at se vores julegave bjerg vokse.
skuffen med sokker vil helt sikker også vokse, har jo købt Nancy Buch vintage socks - skøøøøn bog.
vi ses i den 2. Weekend. rigtig god tur

Karen S sagde ...

Tak for en skøn weekend, selvom der jo ikke var så hvidt!!!

Jeg har givet dig en lille award på bloggen, sådan en lille sød en at komme hjem til en gang de næste par uger!

Kh Karen S