mandag den 6. oktober 2008

Woman With Huge Stash - and not afraid to use it!

This entry is dedicated to Sanne - in gratitude for all the awards she has bestowed on me, and to all my new friends who started Hogwarts with me this september - seven years in total is too short a time to spend with you guys!

There is a new love in my life.
He is small, but not too small, a bit heavy at the bottom, but that is actually an advantage. His circumference is just so, and the tip is pointy, but not too pointy. He is soft to the touch, but firm enough to get the business done. He is always at hand, and has never known performance anciety. He can go on for hours, and I recommend all (knitting) women or men so inclined to get one.

Here is a picture of him, doing what he does best:

He is called a ´yarn-thingy´ and the top holding the yarn swivels on a stick in the middle. Excellent. No yarn on floor scooping up dustbunnies, no yarn tangled around legs of chairs or SO (significant others), and when doing double knitting, both yarns can fit on there, and as you mostly (back to this point later) use equal lengths of each yarn in double knitting, it works just as well with a twosome.....Sorry for his intro, but it´s not that kind of blog!
In regard to double knitting! I offered to help out Spinningmaid, aka Ann Kingston, the designer of the amazing Hogwarts Sock Collection, with a Christmas Present. She wanted to make her son Aidan a scarf, but the pattern chosen, a lovely Selbu-inspired one, done in Fair Isle, yielded a really thick and heavy 4-layer piece of knitting. We talked it over, and decided that double knitting would solve it, and make it half as thick, and twice as fast to knit. I offered. Ann sent the pattern, and mentioned that it would be nice if his name was readable from both sides. Hm.

A challenge!
And lo, I rose to it, and learnt a new technique. Fun, not-too-difficult and only one small mistake easily correctible from the next row:
So now, noone can tease Aidan and call him Nadia!
And no, I do NOT knit Christmas Presents for all my friends! (only for those who ask nicely).

So, how about the daring StashBusting?
Well, in Octobers Potions Class at Hogwarts, (HPKCHC on Ravelry), we are supposed to knit with as many yarns as possible, or with as many colors as possible in the same project. I went to the stash, and took out all the balls of Tweed300 and Hunters of Brora thickness (same) of which I had only less than 100gs left. This is what I found:
A little frightening, that is just the meagre leftovers.........I really hope to reduce this pile radically! And there will be lots of time during the project to commune with the yarn - here are The Reds:
Plan is to knit a poncho with sleeves (do you need more, really?). Yes, as I wear them out, they are so comfy. I will find a zig-zag-pattern and then just mix my heart out. A perfect project for the next two weeks, I will spend here:

I know this is a summer picture, but that is the feeling you have when you are there. Two weeks of knitting, laughing and light gardening with my parents and Carsten.

I am very tired these days, but as it is a constant, you learn to cope. And as long as you are happy and feel like you can do whatever you want (well-dressed in a nap and a cup of coffee now and then), life is good.

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Eva sagde ...

Den dubbelstickad halsduken med namn är underbar.Och ha det så skönt med stickning och annat den närmsta tiden.
Eva i Lund

Anonym sagde ...

love the scarf your making for emma - aka ann spinningmaid :) and have a great time with your parents it looks like a magical place to visit ;)

Tina/Chance-strikkeren sagde ...

Hold da op, der skal der tælles lidt til det tørklæde. Og lille mig, der synes, at sommerfugle-tørklædet fra "Strik naturligvis" er en udfordring...

Tusind tak for sidst - det var SÅ dejligt at dig (og din mor) igen.

KH Tina

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns sagde ...

Heidi, I love that yarn holder you're using. Did you make it yourself or can I buy one somewhere? NOW?

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte sagde ...

Jeg tror der kom mere ned i din taske til strikkefestival som jeg ikke så... eks garnholderen, den er for sej, hvorfor købte jeg ikke en?

Strikket til Spinningmaid er fedt, men man skal vist holde tungen lige i munden...