tirsdag den 13. november 2007

Breaking the Vows! (I)

For Dad - wearing them with warm feet! Possibly also on the golf course. Named Fast n´Furios, fast due to the lack of patterns, braids and cables, furious due to the long, tedious 2+2 rib.

For Mum - in our favourite designer Kaffe Fassets choice of color. Gorgeous yarn! (Regia). Braids, hourglass heel, but with picked up st on the second half, and a toe, where the side braids eat the st in the middle, and meet in front. Called Braid Yourself.

Elephant Socks, the pattern is a slip-stitch pattern that apparently looks like small elephants turned upside down. Knitted from shaft to toe. Warm and soft due to the extra thickness of the slipped st. For me! And knitted in yarn from old stock!!!!!
As I would never do a pair of Neverkont socks, I immediately started a pair for my mum when I saw the Opal Fellings. And they are a lot of fun to do! The Tree of Life in the rib came out quite well, I think. Called Standing Square, a homage to my mum and a hint of the geometry.
Braid Yourself for Charlotte, in blue Arwetta. Lovely yarn.
13 more pairs are designed and on the way, I am limited by the number of 2.5mm dpns. And by the fact that some are for presents! (You will have to be patient and curious. And have cold feet, of course!)

Beckmanns Commandments: Feet on the table, please!
Quandary Questions: Why so much yarn in the world, and so little time?

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knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte sagde ...

Puh-ha du tager helt pusten fra mig, hvor er dine entralack dog skønne fotoet på rav. er slet ikke så godt, nu skal jeg ind og hjerte den.

Jeg tilslutter mig hvorfor er der så meget garn i verden, når vi har så lidt tid...

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns sagde ...

I started off knitting socks, quite happy to have just one circular in the right size. Now I have at least eight and it is not enough! And I don't know why there is so much yarn and so little time. Sometimes I wish they'd stop inventing new and glorious blends, amazing colours...