tirsdag den 13. november 2007

Keep Feet on Ground?

I will never knit socks with cables, braids or more than one color.
I will not buy more sock yarn till I have used up the lot of the stock.
I will never knit a black pair of socks for anyone.
I will never add any projects to Ravelry (I´m bybeckmann in there), as I have a fine system working here at home.
I will never use my Message Box in Ravelry.
I will never begin more than one or two projects a day.
I will never write my blog in english.
I will never watch tv with my laptop in front of me.
I will never regret not having internet access at Bornholm.
I will never crave hearts and comments to my projects - if I am satisfied, that should be enough.
I will not buy more sets of 2.5mm dpns.
I will never get out of bed earlier than 5 am just to knit.
I will never design anything before 5 am in the morning.
I will never look for sock yarn in all the stores I enter.
I will not always bring at least 2 different sock projects when leaving the house for more than 10 minutes.
I will never wear shoes unsuitable for the weather just to show off my new socks.
I will never knit when in pain or bleed on yarn.
I will never forsake my blog for Ravelry.
I will never..... oh, heck. Who am I trying to fool here?

(I have banded the tip of my right hand index finger with sports tape, so I won´t bleed on the yarn, pain is not too bad anymore.)

Beckmanns Commandments: The kettle is black!
Quandary Questions: How many New Years Eve Resolutions do I have to keep, to make up for braking all of the above?

3 kommentarer:

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte sagde ...

Jg har et fortsæt du kan holde, det skal være sjov at ravle, strikke og blogge, ellers gør jeg det ikke. Altså jeg lover at strikke, ravle og blogge så længe det er sjovt.

Karen S sagde ...

Answer to quandary question: NONE!!! Just have fun!!!

Kh Karen S

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns sagde ...

HahahahahaHAH! So nice to see someone trying to be good... Give up girl. It's no use. (I've only just graduated to taking TWO sock projects when leaving the house for longer than three minutes. Used to be only one...)