tirsdag den 11. marts 2008

Roof off, roof on......

The barn was built wrong. In 1895. Or somewhen around then. We found out about 100 years later. How is that for a late wake-up?

So, after Jon (The Neighbor) and his father literally tied the barn walls together to stop them leaving.......eachother (!) consequently dropping the roof onto the ground. We went over one weekend to take the way too heavy roof off the barn. The roof was made of concrete, and the construction underneath was dimensioned for.....toiletpaper or something. Anyway, the roof had to come off, before we could tighten the wires and get the walls back into place. If you look closely at the wall to the right of the opening, over the datemark, you can see lines and cracks..... THAT ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!

Carsten is afraid of heights, by the way, and his legs were really sore the next day - not from active, physical work, but from the shaking underneath him!

Notice the 80´s quiltet jacket-Kansas overall combo. Love him in that outfit!
This is Jon. They worked each at one side, Jon was half a roof ahead at times. And the weather was wonderful. What was I doing? Well, besides bringing coffee and lemonade,

I was cleaning the inside of the main house. My parents were arriving that night to give us a hand, imagine my fathers eyes when he saw the whole roof off turning into the courtyard that night!
But we believe he was happy not to be spending the next few days on the roof!
Four cups of coffee, some lemonade, and 5 hours. Roof off.

For the record, we spent the next four days shovelling and handpicking the crushed tiles up from the ground. In freezing rain and gale-like wind. A huge thanks to my parents for helping out!

Next chapter: Easter. Roof on?

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knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte sagde ...

bornholmeren får endnu et + i bogen, naboen der lige hjælper med laden, det er da godt naboskab, min nabo ville ikke kunne genkende mig på gaden - og omvendt.
Han er modig ham Carsten. MEGET modig, jeg skulle ikke der op!!!