tirsdag den 11. marts 2008

Yadiyadiyadah....tell us about The Knitting!

Well, I´ve had a few bouts of Startitis:

This is an example of my knitting desk during an attack of acute Startitis. All the little white notes are each representing A Project.
Carsten remarked, he could not see any reason for not beginning all of them. Now. I remarked, I only had two hands. He remarked maybe I could get them all started over the weekend? He´s a Prince among men.
Well, I ended up starting the following:

AAA - Acrylic Adaptation Anonymous. I really just liked the colors on this skein, and it was actually quite soft!

Green Foreverness:
This is the luxury project. 2.5mm Turbo Lace Addi Needle, Nikolaj Wool-Silk-Alpaca Mix, 612 st on the round to be transformed into the following:
From Vogue Knitting Winter 07/08 issue. Lovely sweater, notice the detail on the sleeves. A wedge by the elbow-elegant!
I also begun a sweater from Hønsefødder og Gulerødder in Kauni and RIO:
This is a childrens sweater, made larger (quite a bit, actually) to fit me. It has a hood and I add the RIO as I go, whenever I feel like it, (or remember to, more like it).
Love the Kauni mix knitted like here, garter stitch on needles 3.25mm (exactly the Falkenberg gauge....go figure?)
Come winter, come spring.
Come Startitis, come Enditis?
I also managed to finish some huge projects:
First, another double knit wonder inspired by Kaffe Fassett, here modelled by its proud owner, Mum (She won´t let anyone else touch it, actually).
It is made in Kauni mix (curry, blue, brown) and two colors of Peterhead that blend right in, a blue and a curry color. It´s light (450g), warm and a lot of fun to knit. I love the way the Kauni sometimes disappears into the Peterhead, when similar colors meet. Another victory for Double Knitting!
I also finished Hanne Falkenbergs Cordelia, in my own color choice:
I left out the longer cuff to fold up as I wanted a better fit into the sleeves of a jacket. Otherwise I followed the pattern for a Large, and it fits fine. A lovely project, pattern and design.
I also finished my Squares Galore, another double knit/Kauni adventure, that turned out really nice:
I love the way the colorchange in the Kauni manifests itself so very different from side to side. The contrast is a mustard Peterhead lambswool.
In the thralls of Enditis I also took up some old projects, maybe the next ones to get done:
a hooded cardigan from Feminin Strik, with a lovely lace rim all the way up the front, ending on top of the hood. Here made in one end of Peterhead in a cinnamon color and one end of a thinner lambswool, in a light cinnamon mix color.
I am making it longer and wider than originally intended, a huge Hoodie for Hiding on weekends.
And I picked up this old shawl I designed ages ago, called the Bubble Wrap, also in Peterhead, this time a golden tweed mix with blue splots in it:
It catches a lot of air in the bubbles, making it extremely light (4 mm needles) and very warm.
My health deteriorated further. On top of Startitis and Enditis, I also caught the horrible Planitis! (No treatment currently available)
So, I had to plan two new projects, this time in Dunlin, the linen-cotton mix I´m so fond of.
First one kept me up a few nights, it was so lovely:
It reminded me of the 80´s, summer and all good things. I immediately went through Therapy (The Stash) and came up with this:
The Avid Reader (read: annoying one too) will notice that one of the skeins is not linen-cotton, but something looking remarkably like wool.......Bingo. A small amount of Peterhead sneaked it´s way in there, but the color was just SO right! And a little Peterhead around the shoulder-area will feel snug and soft! And the Dunlin-Peterhead combo is brilliant in its own right, so I´m not a total pioneer after all. The model is a Shiri Mor Design from the Vogue Winter 07/08 issue.
So is this, by the way:
From Vogue, I mean. I will make it up in Dunlin, in the following colors:
The big ball on the left side is a white-beige mix, and the small one on the left a clean sand color.
I think it will look lovely.
So, I have not given up knitting, as you can well see.
And then there are all the socks!
But that is another adventure all together.
Good night, and sleep tight.

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PiaT sagde ...

WOW hvor mange flotte ting - der blev jeg sørme lige inspireret igen. Dine dobbeltstriksjaler og tørklæder er bare SÅ flotte... og den der cardigan i de grå/sand farver - hold da op, hvor er den flot. Og så fik du mig lige på sporet igen: Hooded Cardigan, den MÅ altså bare på pindene :-) - puha, nu har du da fået smittet med med Startitis :-)
Vi ses en torsdag inden længe :-)
Knus PiaT-Malmö

Tineke sagde ...

Hold da op, her er da op til flere ting som giver mig stress i pindene.

Og din garnbeholdning, unreal!!

Kh. Tineke

Run'nknit sagde ...

Åhh, jeg sidder her og har nærmest ikke ord.... Du laver bare de flotteste ting! Jeg er så benovet, imponeret, inspireret, misundelig...!

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte sagde ...

Hvor ser det fedt ud... og til Carsten, du er en sand helt! Klager bestemt ikke over Michael, men at tænke sig ham sige; start da bare lige alle de projekter du har lyst til nu... jo det er som at tænke sig til en is der ikke smelter i sommervarmen ;)

Vivian sagde ...

GOSH Woman, for en masse fede ting. Dobbelttørklædet med 4-kanter er KANON!! Det kan du godt donere i Husum hvis du bliver led og ked af det ;-) (As if!)
Nå.... men resten af sagerne savler jeg nu ligeså meget over!

KH Vivian

Karen S sagde ...

Pyha, jeg bliver helt svedt af al den aktivitet ;-) Men hvor bliver det dog nogle skønne ting!!!

Også godt at se, at taget er kommet "helskindet" af derovre på solskinsøen (indrømmer at jeg har tænkt bekymrede tanker et par gange)

Kh Karen S

Anonym sagde ...

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Monika sagde ...

I like your knitting desk, and you already know what you'll do with your stash. I don't. You mention 'Peterhead' yarn several times. How is it? Where do you get it?
I adore your DK shawls. How do you increase? Did you ever have a pattern for a shawl like this, or did you make it up yourself? I might rethink my statement about DK. :o) I have lots of Kauni, and I like it for DK, but I never find a sutiable yarn, which would have the same weight. Anyway, I've bookmarked your blog now, so I can come back and see what you are up to.

Anonym sagde ...

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silver sagde ...

How does one knit that squares galore?