søndag den 24. oktober 2010


Fall is SO here. My favorite time of year - not just due to the fact that wool is worn as a general rule, but also the gorgeous display nature puts on for us.
I have a few pics from our grounds and garden - see if any of them stirs any knitting ideas in YOUR mind.....
 Staghorn Sumac/hjortetak hunblomst:
 Hip rose/Hyben rose:
 Dawn Redwood/Vandgran:
The Dawn Redwood color is really hard to catch with the camera - it is salmon pink - almost glowing.
So, this is where I get my knitting inspiration - where do You get Yours?

2 kommentarer:

Helle : sagde ...

Skønne billeder du har taget :-)

Carolina sagde ...

Lovely photos. I get ideas from similar natural colors as well as paintings. Sometimes I pick a color I don't like and try to do something with it that I DO like (by combining it with other colors.)