søndag den 19. februar 2012

MItten Smitten

Been a while.

Well, that done, let´s move on!
Twined Knitting, taught to me last year at Stickfest i Väst, by Maria Gustafsson - inspiring as a teacher and patient, so patient!
For those of You not well aquainted with twined knitting, I can say that at first it feels like knitting with broken fingers. And then the fun really kicks off!

In basic terms, you throw the yarn with your right hand, you always knit with two ends or more, you twist the yarns at every stitch and by using knit or purl, and changing the positions of the yarns between right or wrong side of work, you can create elaborate geometric designs or textures. In short.

Here is a picture of a wristwarmer made in a cotton-silk mix:
And here are the mittens I made for the class I taught the other day:

I will be giving two twined knitting classes friday and saturday of  Grib Garnet in Silkeborg, Denmark, in June.
Please attend!
I am also testknitting a pair of mittens for my friend Vithard. I think they are absolutely Royal!! 

By the way - we got married last year - at Christiansø - a small group of islands called Ertholmene just north of Bornholm. We got married under a huge old walnut tree in a secret garden on the main island, on a sunny october day. Just us, the justice of peace and two witnesses from the local inn, that pampered us with good food, wine and very few other guests for the stay.

So, knit on - there will be more ideas and designs on twined knitting soon!

Oh, we got a new cat:

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Charlotte Kaae sagde ...

Godt at se dig på bloggen igen...

Tina/Chance-strikkeren sagde ...

Dejligt at høre fra dig igen. Tilykke med jeres bryllup. Hører rygter om, at dine forældre nu også vil være bornholmere.

Stort knus, Tina

Anonym sagde ...

tak for et dejligt inspirerende kursus - vi ses d. 21/3