lørdag den 19. marts 2011

The Family Grows

Since moving here in october, our family now includes three new members - Folke, Dolly and Gustav.

Folke is a VW truck from 1978 - we are planning to restore her to her original splendor, and then use her for getting building materials, (YARN), firewood (WOOL) and supplies for the garden.

The next two additions are of a more furry kind - Dolly and Gustav - two cats who have deigned themselves to stay with us - we are truly honored. (And sometimes a bit annoyed, but that propably goes both ways).
This is Dolly - she is Gustavs mother. She is always in an immaculate clean state, is a very light sleeper, loves yarn and is a bully!

Her son, Gustav, is the mildest mannered cat I have ever had. He is a very heavy sleeper, and sleeps like a teenager. He does not wash a lot, and loves his dry food and any kind og fish we serve! He is a mousecatcher, and easily scared. He has one very bad habit we are trying to help him with....

He loves to watch TV!!! He prefers something (anything!!!) with birds, people drawing things, political discussions, and any news-programs with a running news-line at the bottom of the screen.
We tell him not to sit too close, and that the bird on the screen is NOT behind the TV when he fails to catch it. Understandably, Carsten is a bit worried about his TV, at times.

Here he is watching the local channel - a show about eco-home-improvement. We are very proud.

And here is Your moment of Zen

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